Points for a Good Cause

Earlier this week I received an email from Finnair notifying that nearly 14,000 of my Finnair Plus frequent flyer points were about to expire in the end of this month. I contacted Finnair right away to try my luck of getting award flights for Miami (or to New Orleans or almost anywhere) for this weekend. The only available routing to Miami was via Heathrow and all the other flights were full. So much about a spontaneous weekend trip to celebrate the midpoint of my Fulbright year…

After realizing that my points would have been worth only a little more than an Angry Birds mug or an overpriced umbrella in the Finnair Plus Shop, I was delighted to learn that I was also able to donate the points for the Finnish Red Cross. If you are facing a similar issue with even a small number of points expiring, check this out! In addition to the Red Cross, you can support e.g. Baltic Sea Action Group or UNICEF.

And why did travelling to Florida feel like such a good idea all of a sudden? After enjoying nice warm weather with temperatures up to +17’C here last weekend, we got more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was -10’C again this morning. To be honest, the spring person inside me would be ready for the cherry blossom already.

White House in Week 8

White House on February 19, 2014

White House in Week 9

White House on February 25, 2014