Bike to Vote Day

Bike to Work Day was a big deal in DC today. Unfortunately torrential rain in the morning messed up the plans of some of the nearly 17,000 registered participants, but many did not let that matter. I was lucky to be able to head to the office only when the rain had almost stopped, and I still made it to a Bike to Work Day pitstop at the National Geographic Society. I got some free breakfast and swag, and – of course – a free T-shirt. Americans love free T-shirts.


As I commute by bike daily, for me a bigger deal than Bike to Work Day was my very own invention, Bike to Vote Day. Another five years have passed, and it’s time for the European Parliament Elections. Finland will elect thirteen members to the European Parliament. The elections in Finland will take place on May 25, but the advance voting has already started and lasts until May 20. Outside Finland, the last voting day is already May 17, so especially Finnish friends living abroad, hurry up!

Finnish & EU Flags

Luckily if not surprisingly, the Embassy of Finland here in DC is a voting location. That’s where I headed with two Finnish friends to cast our votes. No waiting in line, a very fast and efficient procedure, just like you would expect from us Finns, I guess. Finns in DC can still vote tomorrow on Saturday from 10AM to 2PM.

The Greenest Embassy

The Embassy of Finland is the first embassy in the United States to be certified as an energy efficient building. Bike parking was provided for Bike to Vote Day participants. Yet another reason to brag about our green embassy.

Bicycle Parking Only

In 2004 I lived in Belgium and voted at the Embassy of Finland in Brussels, so this starts to feel like a nice tradition. Any wild guesses where I might find myself in 2024?

2 responses to “Bike to Vote Day

  1. Airi Lampinen

    Free t-shirts are swag par excellence! Wish I’d get to vote, too, but it’d take an ultraironman to bike to a voting location from here in time…

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