Highlights of the First 10 Days

Got a local phone number, a bank account, an ATM card, checks, and a public transportation card sorted out within 48 hours after immigration.

Found a cozy ashtanga yoga studio and went for the first run in the Rock Creek Park with brand new blue running shoes.

Borrowed a toolbox from an IMF economist and dismantled an IKEA shelf while helping a new friend from the World Bank mafia move to NYC.

Got an update of the Syria situation from the Assistant Professor in Arab Politics at Georgetown University.

Went to my first happy hours, ate empanadas (twice!), and found two cool hipster joints where drinks are served in jars.

Pearl Cups

Realized that my new office is a fancy historical building right next to the White House, and got off to a flying start with my project.

Was attacked by nasty mosquitoes and learnt that DC is built on a swamp (which may actually be a myth).

Test-drove city bikes and Pelago bikes on the streets of DC, and attended a dangerously inspiring event hosted by the DC Triathlon Club.

Spent endless hours scanning through Craigslist housing ads, responded to 37 or so, got invited to see a handful of apartments, and learnt what pet peeves are.

Felt grateful for friends for linking me with their DC friends, and for these friends of friends for making DC feel like home from the very beginning.

One response to “Highlights of the First 10 Days

  1. Mira

    Good to hear that you have already settled!

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